Employee Verification


Pre Employment Checks/Screening of Individuals-it is a common Knowledge that job applicants misrepresent their track records to a lesser or greater extent. There are often signs, in a candidate’s background that can indicate towards likely future problems but are often not noticed or ignored considering them to be trivial. Some of the warning signs can be one or combination from the following:-

  • False date on an employment application form, missing or inconsistent details.
  • Inflated educational qualifications
  • Reluctance to answer questions or circumventing questions/details.
  • Gaps in employment or frequent job change without good reasons.
  • Serious drug or alcohol abuse.
  • History of bad debts, gambling habits.
  • Serious marital or family problems
  • Extravagant expenditure habit
  • Concealed medical problems
  • Concealed previous dishonesty or a poor employment record.
  • Bad Company
  • Criminal record etc.

This sensitive and discreet service combines above elements or at the discretion of the serves seeker the elements like

  • family background and address with social reputation
  • verification of educational qualifications, experience, identity paper
  • past record for criminal check and
  • family’s connection,

if any, with disciplinary forces can form our pre employment background screening service to ensure that the applicant is indeed who one says one is, has the credentials one claims, his financial position is as stated and that he has no known links to criminal activities in his country of origin, etc

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